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Update Terakhir 08 / 02 / 2023
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Used as connecting cables for measuring, checking and controller devices in machine tool. Suitable for fixed installation and flexible installation without forced movement control and without exposure to tensile load. Must be applied in indoor environment and some type has UV protection which is protection against sunlight in cases for used in Outdoor application. Types of Control Cable: YSLY-JZ/ -OZ 300/ 500V YSLY-JZ/ -OZ 450/ 750V UV protection YSLY-JB 300/ 500V YSLYCY-JZ transparent 300/ 500V YSLYCY-JZ Grey 300/ 500V YSLYSY-JZ transparent 300/ 500V Motorflex 2YSLCY-J 600/ 1000V Motorflex YSLYCY-JZ 600/ 100V Motorflex Servo CY 600/ 1000V YSLCY-JZ 300/ 500V H05VV5-F 300/ 500V H05VVC4V5-K 300/ 500V H05VV5-F " three approval" UL 300V or 600V H05VV5-F " four approval" UL/ CSA 600V H05VVC4V5-K " three approval" UL 300V or 600V ( N) YYo-J 600/ 1000V A-Y( St) Yo 200V PUR-sheathed cable YSL11Y-JZ 300/ 500V H05BQ-F, H07BQ-F PUR-sheathed cable 300/ 500V, 450/ 750V NGMH11Yo-J PUR-sheathed cable FY11Y Yellow 300/ 500V PUR-sheathed cable FY11Y Orange 300/ 500V LiYY-O LiYCY-O LiYCY-JZ 300/ 500V LiYCY-O cores twisted in pairs LifYY-O LifYCY-O cores twisted in pairs LiY( CB) Y-Y LiYY/ LiYCY-O LiYCY/ CY-O Li2YCY-PiMF Li2Y( ST) Y-PiMF J-2Y( St) Y ... St III Bd LVCC-CY H05V-K, H07V-K LiYv, LiYc-t and LiFY Multiflex BUS BUS 384, BUS 385 BUS 387, BUS 388 ASI-BUS EIB-BUS BUS-PA BUS-PA Blue Data Cable 600 Mhz PiMF - Cat 7 Data Cable 300 Mhz PiMF - Cat 6 Data Cable 300 Mhz - Cat 6 Data Cable 100 Mhz - Cat 5 Data Cable 300 Mhz flex - Cat 6 JE-Y( St) Y ...Bd Si JE-LiYCY ... BD Si JE-LiY( ST) Y ...Bd Si JE-LiYY ...Bd Si J-Y( ST) Y ...Lg A-2Y( L) 2Y -St III Bd A-2YF( l) 2Y ...ST III Bd Applicable Standards : VDE, CSA, UL, HD, SEV, DIN, IEC * other types will be available on special request
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